February saw over 62,000 register with the National Do Not Call List, telemarketing complaints also rose by 12,000

Last month the CRTC reported that a total of 12,118,658 were registered on the DNCL. A new set of stats has been released that shows February numbers have dramatically increased, both in registered users and unfortunately in complaints.

According to their charts, the CRTC shows that 62,595 Canadians registered their number with the DNCL, now lifting the total to 12,181,253. With new registrations also brings what looks to be a record month for complaints at 12,442 and brings the total complaints to 793,450 since 2008. The CRTC says they have 172 active investigations and February saw them charge three telemarketers for violating Telecommunications Rules.

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Source: CRTC