The controller of Amazon’s purported Android-powered gaming console leaks

While we cannot verify the authenticity of the image, the controller for Amazon’s rumoured Android-powered gaming console has leaked, and it looks to be very familiar.

The design is akin to Ouya’s controller, though there are a few extra buttons on board, including standard Android navigation keys and what looks like a radioactive etching that could hint at the name of the new console.

The console itself will reportedly launch next month, and will have Netflix and Hulu onboard, which would indicate that, like many Amazon products, it’s being aimed at a primarily American audience. The Bluetooth-powered controller has shoulder triggers and flat-looking dual analog sticks, so hardcore gaming is not out of the question. There are a number of first-person shooters on Android that would take advantage of the analog sticks.

What do you think? Would an Android-powered Kindle console be an attractive prospect?