Crazy Taxi: City Rush now available in Canada (Update)

Sega plans to launch its mobile-only Crazy Taxi sequel, City Rush, in Canada and Australia at the end of the month before rolling it out worldwide later in the year.

The company revealed its plans for a free-to-play follow-up to the popular console game, which later became a hit on iOS and Android, at an event this week, and promises to keep the core gameplay intact while adding features, like social integration and in-app purchases, that mobile gamers have come to expect.

City Rush is an infinite runner of sorts, so the gameplay will be immediately familiar to those who have played Temple Run or Pitfall!. Sega promises, though, that the “iconic” music will be immediately recognizable, and players will be able to load their own playlists. The touchscreen controls are slightly more complicated than the average Temple Run clone, too: users will have to complete series of combinations to change lanes, stop to let off passengers, and do U-turns.

Canada is a launch region, along with Australia, because it is a relatively small but loyal group of mobile gamers; Sega intends to fine-tune the game before it launches worldwide. Look for Crazy Taxi: City Rush at the end of the month. In the meantime, Sega has made free the original mobile ports of Crazy Taxi to promote the new game, so download them for iOS and Android.


Update: Crazy Tax: City Rush is now available in Canada, and as with most free-to-play games, some charm was lost in the translation. It’s still a relatively fun rail-type game, similar to Subway Surfers or Despicable Me: Minion Rush, but it relies on a dual-currency system, coins and diamonds, to unlock most of the content. I also have a hard time with the absurdly reductive tone of the game — the “crazy ones” are all just good looking people wearing a variety of hats of hairstyles.

Still, it may make for a decent time-waster, and it’s only available in Canada.

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