Public Mobile to start selling Koodo Mobile devices

Public Mobile, the one-time new entrant, was recently acquired by TELUS and they have a respectable 220,000 subscribers located throughout Quebec and Ontario. Little is known about what the future hold, but previous reports indicated that customers will eventually transition off CDMA to TELUS’ HSPA+ or LTE network.

TELUS intends to permanently keep Public Mobile alive as it serves a specific demographic. In addition, we’ve been tipped that select Public Mobile stores will soon be making space on their shelves and start selling TELUS’ sub-brand Koodo Mobile. Apparently this will be available to dealer stores and and select corporate locations — TELUS has actually asked Public Mobile to offload most of their corporate stores to dealers — and its expected to be in place by April 1st.

Public has well over 250 points of distribution and there is no indication yet of the device lineup that will be available.

(Thanks tipster!)