Leaked Sense 6.0 video reveals All New HTC One will support gestures when the display is off

A new on-device video of the software inside the All New HTC One reveals details about Sense 6.0, the upcoming update to the skin that sits atop Android 4.4.2.

While the video uncovers the fact that Sense 6.0 will look remarkably similar to those running the previous version, there are a few things that set it apart. Aside from the on-screen navigation buttons and slightly flatter icons, the new device will support interaction when the screen is off. Under a section called Motion Gestures, the video displays five built-in swipe or touch solutions.

For example, double-tapping on the screen will turn it on, much like LG’s KnockOn feature. Holding the device in portrait mode and swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen will unlock it if there’s no passcode. Swiping from the left from the right side of the screen will reveal the widget panel, while the opposite movement will launch BlinkFeed. Finally, turning the phone to landscape and holding down the volume button will launch the camera.

It does appear that, despite the lack of branding on the phone’s exterior, Beats Audio will be present in the device. The North American version also looks to be equipped with 32GB of internal storage, in addition to a microSD slot for added capacity, based on a previous leak of a Verizon box.

Finally, because this video was taken by porting a leaked Sense 6.0 build to the current HTC One, the development team behind the project said on Reddit they will release a version for download in the coming days.