Motorola announces Moto 360 smartwatch, because it’s hip not to be square

Another OEM is announcing a smartwatch today, and this one differs in a holistic way: it’s rounded, not square. Motorola’s Moto 360 will also run Android Wear, like the square G Watch, but will feature a number of unique features, similar to the way Moto X takes existing Android features and enhances them.

While the rounded watchface will be the biggest external differentiator — it looks far more like a high-end fashion watch than any other smartwatch before it — Motorola promises true value in its “premium materials.”

Available in a “variety of styles” in the summer for an undisclosed price, Moto 360 has barely any bezels — it looks truly beautiful and stylish — and will work similar to other Android Wear-enabled smartwatches by sending notifications from apps and content via the myriad Google Now cards.

Moto 360 Lifestyle Facebook Image Crop

Moto 360_Lifestyle_Map_hi res

Moto360_Hero_full view_Leather_RGB