Google Keyboard update brings personalized suggestions

Google continues to update its Keyboard following a November v2.0 update, which brought a greyscale Android v4.4. colour scheme and improvements to its SwiftKey-style ‘Gesture Typing’. The biggest addition to Google Keyboard v3.0 is a ‘Personalized Suggestions’ feature.

Personalized Suggestions leverages user data from across your Google apps and services to provide (wait for it) personalized word suggestions and corrections based upon your particular grasp of the English language. The feature is on by default (Google makes clear that your data is only stored on device), but if you don’t want this cross-connectivity between your Google services, you can disable Personalized Suggestions in the Settings.

The update also features new icons and an ‘ABC’ button to quickly get back to the keyboard while in the emoji tab. Post a comment and let us know if you use Google Keyboard on your Android smartphone, or prefer 3rd party alternatives.

Source: Google Play
Via: Droid Life