Looking for Chromecast apps? Cast Store contains the best Android has to offer

Looking for some awesome apps for your awesome new Chromecast, released this week in Canada for $39? While Google has a set of curated, and admittedly excellent pieces of software to use with the HDMI stick, now that the SDK is open to all developers, compatible applications are flooding into the Play Store.

Cast Store is a curated Android portal that separates Chromecast-compatible apps into various categories, such as Games, Media & Video, Education, Photography and more. Users can submit new apps for review, and search for those currently available, though looking through the four dozen or so shouldn’t take too long.

The app helped me find a great free solution for my DLNA needs, and should be able to point you in the right direction for whatever your Casting needs may be. If in doubt, though, download and pay for AllCast: it’s the best of an increasingly good set of applications for Google’s streaming video solution.

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