Medium releases a read-only iPhone app to quickly access the best longform writing

Medium has released its first mobile app, a version of its publishing platform that makes it easy for iPhone users to consume other content on the network.

The startup founded by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams has grown to be a repertoire of thoughtful, elegant, obnoxious and occasionally controversial writing, but all of it is presented with stunning typography and large, high-resolution photos. Each article estimates the length it will take to finish, and allows for comments in the form of pop-up annotations.

Making the decision to keep the iPhone app read-only was an important one in keeping it focused, and users can’t even search through the extensive database of articles. Instead, after downloading you sign in with Twitter, which synchronizes a Reading List, which is “custom-tailored to your interests based on past reading, recommendations, and favorite authors.”

It’s unclear whether writing will ever come to Medium for iPhone — perhaps when it expands to iPad later this year — but the purpose of the app in its initial stage is to make it easy to consume content that was, until now, sequestered to the web.

As usual, no word on whether the app is coming to Android, but if it is, we’d bet it will take another few months before it arrives.

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