Google launches Chromecast Photowall for iOS and Android

With Google’s Chromecast finally available above the 49th parallel, Canadians can now start taking a closer look at the TV streaming device. Google released a new app for iOS yesterday for those interested in Chromecast’s media streaming capabilities.

Photowall for Chromecast lets users share photos from any iOS device or Android devices (running iOS 6.0/Android 3.0 and higher) directly to their television via Chromecast. The app also allows users to edit or doodle on the photos (moustaches for everyone!) as well as share them with anyone else on the same network. Once the fun is over, the app will automatically create a YouTube video of the photo session for later viewing.

The app is designated a ‘Chrome experiment’, which Google often uses for fun technology demonstrations, so the simple app could be viewed as a demo product for iOS and Android users who might be interested in Chromecast’s cheaper offering over Apple TV.

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