Mozilla brings Firefox Accounts, its cross-device synchronization platform, to Android

Earlier this year, Mozilla introduced Firefox Accounts, a cross-platform data synchronization tool that builds on the capabilities of Firefox Sync, but optimized for mobile. With the company forging ahead on Firefox OS, a mobile operating system for low-cost smartphones and tablets, they needed a better tool for keeping passwords, bookmarks and other user profile data up to date between multiple products.

Over a month later, Firefox Accounts is available for the latest Android beta. The company has steadily improved its Android browser over the past year, keeping it lightweight, fast and feature-rich without relying on the WebKit rendering engine used by Chrome and Safari.

Firefox Accounts incorporates Sync and any future cross-platform profile data the company has planned; it’s also very lightweight, building encryption right into the browser itself. Perhaps most importantly, Firefox for Android can be used with versions as far back as 2.2 Froyo, so legacy users can take advantage of the new features, too.

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