Apple testing related search terms in iOS App Store

The keen eyes of Time Planner app co-founder Olga Osadcha have noticed a new feature in the iOS App Store that is appearing for some users running iOS 7.0.x through 7.1. App Store searches now display related search terms at the top of each search results page, allowing the user to click through and view new results based upon the related term.

Some users have reported seeing the related search results only intermittently, while others can’t see it at all, so it’s clear Apple is A/B testing search results pages in an effort to drive better results and (hopefully) more app downloads. App discovery is a major issue for mobile developers, and providing compelling related results might help stop the keywords spamming that currently afflicts the App Store. Let us know if you’ve seen the related search terms appearing in your App Store, and if you find them useful at all.