Google signs Glass deal with Ray-Ban and Oakley maker Luxottica

Google Glass

As part of Google’s continued efforts to increase Glass’ appeal with the mainstream (some better than others) has announced a partnership with Luxottica to produce an exclusive collection of eyeglass frames. Luxottica owns a ridiculous number of eye ware brands, as well as LensCrafters and Sunglass Hut, but the initial run will be limited to Luxottica’s Oakley and Ray-Ban lines. The intent is obviously to add a cachet of cool to the current White Men Wearing Google Glass brand, and Oakley’s and Ray-Bans were certainly cool when I was a youth, but that was the 90’s, so what do I know?

The initial run of frames will be limited to the United States, and both Google and Luxottica are keeping mum on release timing, but it’s a safe bet that the frames will make their way to Canada eventually. Let us know if the prospect of fancy frames increases your interest in owning a pair of Google Glass.

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