Koodo relaunches its Ideas crowdsourcing site, uses it to announce launch of the HTC One M8

Koodo has relaunched its successful crowdsourcing site, Ideas, where thousands of user comments have been submitted and evaluated. The TELUS subsidiary claims that of the 1371 ideas obtained, 14 have turned into company policy, from the addition of Visual Voicemail for iPhone users to a better way for prepaid customers to pay off their devices.

While many of the policies are straightforward and have been implemented at other carriers, Koodo prides itself on the democratic process associated with its loyal user base, and uses the Ideas site to prioritize some changes above others.


Most recently, an outcry of support for the HTC One M8 has pushed the carrier to announce that it will begin offering the device next month. Employee Sumaya K posted in the community forums, “A lot of you have been asking about the HTC ONE and it was definitely a missed opportunity that we didn’t carry the last one. That said, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be carrying the latest HTC One. Honestly speaking, it was because of this thread that got the ball rolling. The post kept creeping up every month and we knew we had to do something about it.”

Ideas has proven to be a great way for Koodo customers to converse among themselves, providing constructive criticism that company representatives promise to read.

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