Twitter now lets you share up to four photos in a single Tweet

Twitter updated its iOS and Android apps today with new photo features in a quest to reinforce that the service is more than about sharing snippets of snarky text.

The newly-public company, which claims 241 million monthly users, now allows up to four photos per Tweet, none of which encroach on the limited 140 character limit embedded into the soul of the service. The feature, dubbed “collage,” lets you swipe through the series of photos in fullscreen, but shows the individual photos as thumbnails in preview.

The update also allows users to tag individuals in photos, which notifies them without explicitly adding them to the photo. In this way, Twitter begins to compete with Instagram as a more organic photo-sharing tool. The update allows for 10 tags in a Tweet, and the app lets you limit who can tag you in a post.

Rolling out to iOS today and Android and the web in the near future, these features will hopefully push engagement without polluting the already-busy Twitter feed.

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