Facebook releases Tweaks tool to help iOS devs rapidly iterate

Facebook has open-sourced a new tool on Github that is worth a look for all iOS devs. Called Tweaks, the tool is a framework for rapid prototyping, allowing developers to quickly experiment in real-time on their apps without requiring a new app build. Rapid prototyping can be particularly useful when developing app UI (user interfaces), which often requires many iterations to get just right, but is normally quite time consuming due to constant code recompiling. With Tweaks, each configurable value in the app can be adjusted adjusted without code changes or a computer, potentially saving detail-oriented devs significant time and headaches.

Facebook has laid out some of the configurable values Tweak can manage on its Github page:

Some of the most useful parameters to adjust are animation timings, velocity thresholds, colors, and physics constants. At Facebook, we also use tweaks to temporarily disable new features during development. That way, the designers and engineers involved can enable it on just their devices, without getting in the way of others testing the app.

The proof of Tweaks worth is in the pudding, as Facebook states on Github that it used the framework in the development of its beautiful Paper app. Devs: let us know what you think once you give Tweaks a try.