Songza now factors weather into its recommendations

Despite a cluttered market for streaming music services, Songza has found a successful niche in Canada, with a Canadian subsidiary and over 2.5 billion songs played above the 49th parallel as of last October.

Songza’s success has come through its focus on unlimited, free, ad-based music via curated playlists targeted to specific moods and activities. Thanks to a data partnership with The Weather Channel, Songza can now recommend playlists based upon current weather. Songza will also ask for a user’s current mood for better matches, as April showers could mean ‘Singing in the Rain’ upbeat fun or nonstop Enya depending upon the user.

Songza CEO Elias Roman has stated that weather is just one factor the company wants to integrate into finding the perfect tunes, using the example of a suggested workout playlist if Songza can recognize users are at the gym. The mind boggles at the location-based music opportunities if Songza chooses to partner with Foursquare next.

[via]The Verge[/via]