Google appears to be mandating an Android logo on OEM boot screens

In case you haven’t noticed, something is afoot with Google in the Android space. The company appears to be asserting a moderately increased amount of pressure on its OEM partners, working with Samsung to tone down the look of its Magazine UX. They’ve also ensured that the notification area displays white icons across all devices in KitKat.

Now there’s also the presence of a “Powered by Android” logo on the boot screen, a big change from a year ago. It proves that Google was feeling a bit insecure about losing control of its open-sourced operating system, seeking to remind users that it’s them, not Samsung or HTC, that controls the underlying code.

It’s unclear whether the logo is a part of the deal made with OEMs to include Google Managed Services (GMS) like Play Store and Maps, but it appears that way.