BlackBerry now selling unlocked BlackBerry 10 smartphones to Canadians via ShopBlackBerry

What was at first a U.S. exclusive is now available in Canada. Most carriers in this country have already been selling BlackBerry’s new line of BB 10 devices on contract for months, but now BlackBerry’s own online retail site has stock available to all.

There are a bunch of accessories for sale, but more importantly all the devices come unlocked. The BlackBerry Q10, in white and black, is available for $499; the Q5 is priced at $349 in black, pink, white and red; the Z10 in white and black can be yours for $299; and the Z30 is out of stock, but is priced at $550.79.

To put these prices in perspective, various carriers currently sell the Q10 for $700, Q5 for as low as $150, Z10 for $250, and the Z30 for $600.

Who’s buying?

Source: ShopBlackBerry
Via: N4BB, Marketwired