CRTC reduces National Do Not Call List grace period in half, telemarketers now have 14 days to remove your number

The CRTC launched the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) on September 30th, 2008 with a goal to prevent telemarketers from calling you. Canadians can register their home phone, wireless, fax or VoIP telephone numbers.

Many Canadians are registered, but still receive the odd and very annoying call. This can apparently be mitigated by asking them to be removed from their calling list. The CRTC announced today that they’ve shortened the time period for a telemarketer to remove the requested number from their calling list from 31 to 14 days. This is a good move as it will (hopefully) further reduce the influx of unwanted calls.

The CRTC also denied the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) proposal of using automated calling devices to contact you without consent. Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of CRTC, stated, “The CRTC is not prepared to water down its rules on automated telemarketing. This respects the choice Canadians have made not to be disturbed. Telemarketers must have the express consent of Canadians to contact them in their homes using automated calling devices.”

Finally, from a numbers perspective, the DNCL has over 12,181,000 registered users and has seen telemarketers who violated the telecommunications rules pay $4.3 million in total penalties.

Source: CRTC