Samsung Galaxy S5’s Super AMOLED screen called “best performing smartphone display ever” by DisplayMate

“Based on our extensive Lab tests and measurements, which we present in detail below, the Galaxy S5 is the Best performing Smartphone display that we have ever tested – and it has raised the bar for top display performance up by another notch.”

Those are the words used by DisplayMate, a site dedicated to evaluating on new screen technology and the devices they are paired with. According to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Display Technology Shoot-Out, the screen is a “major improvement over the Galaxy S4 and a significant improvement over the Galaxy Note 3 in almost every single test and measurement category.”

The screen defeats the traditional notion that OLED screens are dimmer than their LCD counterparts, which hits an incredible 698 cd/m2, the brightest display they’ve ever tested. It’s also got good colour saturation without becoming comical, deviating from previous AMOLED screens from Samsung.

DisplayMate says the Galaxy S5’s screen has the lowest screen reflectance of any mobile device they’ve seen, and it uses the same amount of power, despite going considerably brighter, than last year’s model.


Unlike previous years, the Galaxy S5 shares the same diamond-shaped subpixel array as the Note 3, which leads to higher efficiency without the graininess that came from PenTile arrays. Indeed, the larger blue and red subpixels are diamond-shaped, while the green subpixels are oval, which make it easier to squeeze in between the others while maintaining the highest quality possible.

The conclusion DisplayMate comes to is that despite a slightly lower pixel density over last year’s S4 (5.1-inches to 5-inches), the Galaxy S5 is a considerably higher quality display, and should provide a much better viewing experience to any Super AMOLED screen in the past.