Motorola’s April Fools’ is a new Moto X and Moto G boot screen, adds “Powered by Android” notice

Motorola joined the April Fools fun this week, but in a more subtle way than many companies.

The team behind the Christmas-themed boot screen for the Moto X and Moto G have released an update, bringing UFOs, the Loch Nest monster and Bigfoot, along with another interesting addition: a “Powered by Android” notice.


While this was considered to be a rumour until just recently, it appears that Google is now forcing OEMs to include the branding on new or updated devices, something that could be good for Android recognition as a whole — no more, “Oh, you got a Galaxy?” — but confusing for consumers.

The updated boot screen may disappear after a few days, reverting back to the more staid and colourful variety we see between seasons (there was a great Christmas one, too) but we doubt the “Powered by Android” is going anywhere.

[via]Android Police[/via]