CyanogenMOD reveals its new logo and mission statement

Customization. Security. Open Source.

These are the three tenets of CyanogenMOD’s new logo and mission statement, revealed this week. The company has gone legit, emerging from its two funding rounds as a de facto Android development house, creating custom ROMs for OEMs like Oppo and OnePlus.

The new logo, which features a broken hexagon unfurled into a “C” and arrow, inside which another smaller hexagon sits, represents those three tenets.

Working together we have provided a safe and secure environment for the user; one free of walls of restrictions. The arrow points forward – driving all things forward to bigger and better things.


The company will continue to use the alien Cid as the “face” of the broader CM community, which will still be a large part of the its makeup going forward. CyanogenMOD will still release ROMs based on AOSP for devices that would never have received the latest version of Android, and will work on making it easier to install over stock firmware.