Distiller’s whisky guide arrives on Android

I like scotch, but heaven help me if asked to identify the “dark honey, cereal, citrus, and vanilla” notes in a bottle of Dalmore 12.

That’s why apps like Distiller, available today for Android after a brief exclusivity period on iOS, are useful. The app has a wide range of whiskys from all over the world, though its more extensive section is for scotch, and pairs pricing, tasting notes and reviews in an easy-to-follow flow.


Like the iPhone version, Distiller is not a native app; its HTML5-based web view is a little janky, and scrolls poorly, but does the job. But you’re not using Distiller for its UI; the ability to add your whiskys to a Top Shelf for later perusal and bragging rights is a key differentiator, and using the rich database to learn more about what you’re drinking is essential. It’s fun learning about the nuances in taste, smell and colour between different years of the same distillery, or variances in taste between regions of Scotland. Once registered, you can also leave notes for yourself, or submit reviews for the whole community.

According to my self-proclaimed expert friend, Distiller is missing a number of smaller scotch distilleries in its database, but the big names, from Glenfiddich to Ardbeg to Johnnie Walker, are represented.

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