Javelin Browser is a great Android browser designed for KitKat

There is no shortage of great Android browsers, from the AOSP project (Chromium), Google itself (Chrome and Chrome beta), to Mozilla (Firefox), Opera, Dolphin and many, many others.

Javelin Browser is a relatively new entry into this crowded market, differentiating itself with a unique UI and a gesture-friendly UX. Built on top of the open-sourced WebKit-based Lightning Browser, Javelin renders extremely quickly and scrolls smoothly, two prerequisites for a great browser on the platform. But it’s got a few more tricks up its sleeve: it’s KitKat-optimized, so the navigation elements are either hidden or made translucent, allowing for fullscreen usage on devices with virtual menu buttons like the Nexus 5 and HTC One M8.


Moreover, Javelin is in constant development, and two intriguing features that have made it my default browser over Chrome: Spirit Mode is a $1.99/month ultra-fast VPN that not only unlocks blocked or geographically-restricted content but thoroughly speeds up browsing at the same time. And in addition to an Incognito Mode, which forgoes one’s browsing history, Javelin offers a rich Reading Mode experience that removes ads and photos, rendering text beautifully for long-form reading.

The free version supports up to 10 tabs — which can be cycled through with a swipe of two fingers — while the $1.99 Pro version opens up a few new features and unlimited tabs.

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