Toronto’s Green P parking to test smartphone payment option this summer

Toronto Parking Authority and its 130 Green P parking locations across the city will soon be making it easier for customers to pay.

Green P currently accepts coins or credit cards, but coming this summer is a test that will introduce smartphone payment. Certainly not revolutionary, but definitely useful and convenient.

Many cities have already gone live with this option. The Calgary Parking Authority launched their “Text to Park” option back in 2012 and Montreal’s P$ Mobile Service app went live last year and saw an immediate uptake in usage and payments within the first few months ($1.8 million payment transactions and 200,000 registered users). The Green P will operate in a similar manner as users will be able to purchase time and top up via their device. Apparently the app, which will probably be an extension of their iPhone and Android app, is still in development and will warn you top up when your time is about to expire.

TPA’s vice-president Ian Maher said users will have to sign up via their website and register their licence plate and credit card number to use the service. As for stats, The Toronto Parking Authority is estimating about 5 million transaction in the first year and initial testing will begin sometime this summer, with a full rollout planned for the fall.

If this all goes smoothly the goal is to eventually expand to all street parking spaces.

Source: The Toronto Star