Rogers offering a Samsung Gear 2 Neo for $50 with every Galaxy S5 purchase

Rogers is pushing its exclusive Samsung Gear 2 Neo on upcoming Galaxy S5 customers by offering to bundle the smartwatch for $50 with purchases of the upcoming smartphone.

The deal is pretty easy: buy a Galaxy S5 on a 2-year Share Everything plan and be eligible to purchase a black Gear 2 Neo, usually $219.99, for $49.99.

The Gear 2 Neo is the same as the Gear 2, but lacks a camera. If that’s not a deterrent, the only other thing to note is that the offer ends on June 12th, or when supplies run out. And if you cancel the plan within 15 days, the smartwatch must be returned in good condition or your account will be charged for the full price (an extra $170). Got it? Good.

The Galaxy S5 is coming out tomorrow, and we’ll have our review up shortly.

Source: Rogers
(Thanks Howard, Dimitri!)