TELUS ordered by the Quebec Superior Court to reimburse customers $2.6 million in texting fees

TELUS customers in Quebec could potentially see a $15 credit appear on their bill in the near future.

According to a report in the CBC, plus the full court doc below, the Honourable Marie-Anne Paquette of the Quebec Superior Court ruled that TELUS changed the terms and conditions of the wireless contract of 177,425 customers without the proper notification. Apparently TELUS collected fees of $0.15 for incoming text messages between 2008 and 2011 and the court stated TELUS must pay a fine of $2.6 million (actual cost is $2,590,762).

In an email to us TELUS noted that “we openly communicated these changes well in advance of implementing them and offered our customers bundles with flat rates that included unlimited incoming texting. We are reviewing the Court’s decision to determine our response and evaluate our options.”

For those interested, we’ve attached the complete judgement below. The CWTA reported that 2011 saw Canadians send a total of 78 billion text messages.