BillGuard’s money tracking and fraud protection app comes to Android, and expands to Canada

BillGuard is a new player in town for those who want to track money spending habits and protect against credit card fraud.

The company has recently expanded into two areas of interest: Android on the platform side; and Canada on the geography side. And both suit us just fine.

Unlike Mint, which lathers you with numbers and trends, BillGuard tends to keep things simple, and does a good job at showing you only the data you need to know. It supports all the major Canadian banks’ debit and credit cards (though you’ll have to enter them as separate accounts for some reason), and once added you can monitor transactions by swiping to approve the ones that come through your credit card accounts.

It’s a relatively easy and free-as-in-beer way to track money spending habits, and the Android app is nicely polished for an early version.

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