Montreal subway currently testing underground wireless service, will go live ‘as soon as the tests are successful’

The first phase and testing has already started at Place-des-Arts and Saint-Laurent stations. According to a report in the Le Journal de Montréal the progress is ‘well advanced’ and the STM has tightened its deadlines. Over 900,000 people ride the STM on a daily basis and cell service will give them the option to use their device underground to talk, text, email, surf the web, stream movies, etc…

Amélie Regis, spokesman of the Société de transport de Montreal (STM), said “We are also currently in test phase for these two stations… if it is impossible to specify the date of system function in these stations, it will be “as soon as the tests are successful.”

This is certainly a great step forward and the project seems to moving fast. By the end of 2014 there will be a total of 14 stations equipped with connectivity. The larger goal is to bring cell coverage to 68 stations within 7-years.

(Thanks Alexandre!)