Rogers unveils new international data-only roaming rate of $9.99 per day

Rogers has unveiled a new set of international data roaming packages today. It takes the strategy employed in its data-only U.S. roaming package, which offers a flat rate, renewable package of 50MB for $7.99/day and extends it to Africa, Europe and other popular destinations. The $9.99/day flat rate will offer different amounts of data depending on the region.

For example, for $9.99/day:

  • Europe = 20MB/day
  • Africa = 3MB/day
  • Asia, Caribbean, Latin America & Oceania = 10MB/day

“Our customers have told us they want simpler solutions when travelling, no matter where their travels may take them,” said Raj Doshi, senior vice president, products, Rogers Communications. “With these new travel packs and a daily data rate, customers should feel confident they can text, get online, and stay connected while knowing how much their services will cost.”

Rogers noted that 20MB of data allows users to “send about 400 emails, share selfies on social media, or upload reports and files to work on the go; or visit 80 websites, or access 20 maps.” These plans are valid with any smartphone, and can be activated remotely by text message at no added cost.