City of Waterloo commits to BES10 and BlackBerry

The success of BlackBerry’s transition to an enterprise services company lies partially in its ability to convince organizations to adopt BES10 as their enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution of choice. To that end, BlackBerry has recently trotted out companies around the globe that have committed to BES10 as news releases in their own right, with the hope of creating a narrative of momentum. BlackBerry has done so again today, announcing three Canadian organizations that have now deployed BES10 and BB10 device to their workforce, including Canada’s oldest metal manufacturing company Samuel, Son & Co., and civil maintenance contractor Volker Stevin.

But it’s the third company in the announcement that’s the most interesting. Making good on its January commitment to BlackBerry, the City of Waterloo has not only deployed BlackBerry 10 but collaborated with BlackBerry on a mobile application to provide Waterloo citizens local information and real-time updates. City workers also now have access to BBM groups for emergency communications.

Waterloo is obviously more tech-savvy than most municipalities, with a much stronger connection to BlackBerry. But BlackBerry is also uniquely situated to provide municipalities around the globe with an integrated suite of hardware and software services that other EMM companies simply can’t offer. If they pursue the opportunity seriously, BlackBerry’s future releases could actually contain news of true momentum.

Source: Marketwired

Disclosure: I used to work for BlackBerry from 2009-2011. It required frequent trips to the City of Waterloo. I recommend Jane Bond for a meal and a pint.