HTC debuts Duo Lens SDK to help developers make better camera apps for the M8

On the same day Google released a standalone camera app for Android devices running KitKat and above, HTC has unveiled a preview SDK for its Duo Lens camera API.

The preview SDK contains an API called DualLens that allows third-party developers to create apps, or augment existing camera apps, with the additional data captured by the second lens, to create a DSLR-like “bokeh” effect.

DimensionPlus, another API, is a proprietary format that utilizes both cameras sensors’ data to create a 3D-like approximation of a scene, making it easy to use the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope to change the viewpoint of a photo.

We found DualLens, which is called UFocus in the HTC camera app, to be more useful on the HTC One M8 than the DimensionPlus results, but both can be augmented to create interesting effects, and we’re excited to see what developers come up with.