Popular iOS photo sharing app Frontback comes to Android

Just like that, another former iOS exclusive has made its way to Android. Frontback, the “selfie + 1” photo sharing community, debuted on iOS last year to great acclaim, allowing users to post two cropped horizontal images, delineated between the front and back cameras (hence the name) with a small caption.

The startup has raised just under $4 million in funding, and bills itself “the world’s most entertaining photo community.” The Android version doesn’t deviate too much from the style of its iPhone counterpart: like Instagram, you’re exposed to a vertical feed of your friends, with a heart in the middle of the two photos for easy liking.

As the service is in its infancy, there are no comments on the posts just yet, but that actually makes it more freeing — there’s no spam, no judgement, just good (or bad) photos. The service, because it practically requires one to post a selfie (it is possible to post two photos with the back camera, but why?) is a lot more personal than the average Instagram feed. It’s less manicured, and because there is no import function, no photos from other sources. There are no filters, either: this is just you, your phone’s camera and, often, a bunch of friends mugging the lens. In that way, it’s a lot less pretentious than any other photo social network out there.

New users can quickly make an account with Google Sign-on, and find friends from other services by pairing Frontback with Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. It’s also possible, and encouraged, to share Frontback posts to those other social networks, especially as the service is growing and has limited visibility.

It may not be for everyone, but Frontback is a lot of fun, and well worth the download.

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