Samsung’s Make it Meaningful website shows how they ‘strive to create the culture of tomorrow’

Samsung is a massive company with billions of dollars in revenue every quarter. We usually cover their mobile smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and fitness bands, but they are also into shipping, real estate, printers, home entertainment and kitchen appliances (to name a few).

To celebrate their progression in moving mankind forward, Samsung created a dedicated site called “Make it Meaningful.” The intent is aimed at informing users of how Samsung thinks about design and how their products come to life. Samsung notes that “they strive to create the culture of tomorrow” and that the core of every product, beyond profit, is “the value of people’s dreams… our design should begin with empathy for people’s lives.”

There are several back stories and interviews with designers around the world, but unfortunately none are Canadian. Samsung’s designers live by three design values: Balance of reason and feeling; Simplicity with resonance; and Meaning innovation. The site is informative and gives a good look back at what Samsung has created and possibly how the future will be shaped.

Source: Samsung Make it Meaningful
Via: Engadget