Standalone Google Camera app now available with new Lens Blur feature

Rumours of a standalone Google camera app have proven true, as Google Camera is now available today in the Play Store for all Android devices running KitKat 4.4 or better.

Google Camera fixes the viewfinder crop issue that has plagued Nexus 5 users, in addition to adding a brand new interface and features. The most notable of which is “Lens Blur”, a shallow depth of field effect common with DSLRs that is difficult to replicate on a smartphone due its comparatively small lens and aperture. Google has attempted to solve the problem with a computer vision algorithm that simulates a larger lens and aperture by creating a 3D model of the shot. You can read more about Google’s work on the feature at the Google Research Blog.

Google Camera follows a trend of releasing standalone apps of core Android functionality into the Play Store (e.g. Google Now, Google Keyboard). What core Android functionality would you like to see as a standalone app next?

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