Koodo Mobile has 1 million subscribers

TELUS recently became Canada’s second largest wireless carrier and ended 2013 with 7,807,000 subscribers. This number represents both the TELUS Mobility brand and its sub-brand Koodo Mobile, with the newly acquired Public Mobile omitted from the results, but they have 222,000 subs.

The breakdown of subscribers for each carrier is rarely given, but according to a report from Strategy reveals that Koodo has hit the 1 million customer mark. TELUS launched Koodo Mobile back in 2008 and first came to market with a 1980’s theme with dancers outfitted in neon spandex. The carrier later progressed to the El Tabador wrestler — who’s character was sold to Camillion Corp. to star in a 30-minute sitcom, video games and merchandise.

To celebrate their millionth customer, Koodo has a number for all to call to hear 15 different ways El Tabador saying thank you. Most of them are funny, such as the Inspirational thank you, 90’s thank you, 90’s R&B Thank you, Awkward Thank you, a Thankless thank you, and a Thank you in a hurry.

Source: YouTube
Via: Strategy