Rogers executive team earned $48,971,630 in 2013

Rogers has a plethora of business and have their hands in radio, magazines, TV, home security, internet and also own a number of sports teams. From a wireless perspective they are leading the nation with over 9.4 million subscribers across the Rogers Wireless, Fido and Chatr Wireless brands.

Curious what compensation it takes to lead a company like Rogers? Well, Rogers just issued their proxy circular for year-end 2013 and the executive team were paid a total of $48,971,630. This includes base salaries, shares and bonuses. Most of the payout was dedicated to former President and CEO Nadir Mohamed at $26,769,973 (54.7%). New CEO Guy Laurence, who came on board December 2nd, earned $12,699,997 in the form of a base salary, shares and a signing bonus of $750,000.

Other 2013 executive compensations reveals:

Anthony Staffieri, EVP and CFO, earning $2,563,564
Robert Bruce, President of Communications earning $2,255,235
Edward Rogers EVP, Emerging Business & Corporate Development earning $1,920,516
Keith Pelley President of Media, earning $1,805,345.

The chart below shows a breakout of the last 3-years and it looks like majority of the executive team has had the same salaries, but an increase in shares.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.03.42 PM

Source: Rogers
Via: Globe