Rogers Q1 2014 results show slow subscriber growth, ARPU sitting at $57.63

Rogers announced its Q1 2014 results today and wireless revenues were 2% lower than last year, coming in at $1.73 billion. The reason for the decline was “pricing changes made over the past year primarily associated with our simplified plans and the introduction in 2013 of lower priced roaming plans.”

From a subscriber base perspective, Rogers now has 8,076,000 postpaid subs, up 198,000 from Q1 2013. Postpaid continued to drop and now represents 1,356,000 subscribers (down 142k in the past year). Total subscribers are now 9,432,000. Blended ARPU (average revenue per user) is now sitting at $57.63, again down an impressive $2.05 over the same period last year. The total number of postpaid subscribers who have a smartphone rose 5% to 76%.

Rogers also noted that another reason for the decline in wireless was due to the recent adoption of the CRTC Wireless Code, stating that it “appears to have slowed overall wireless subscriber growth over the past three quarters.”

Guy Laurence, President and CEO of Rogers said, “During the first quarter, we made a significant investment in ‘beachfront property’ 700MHz spectrum to give our customers an unsurpassed wireless experience, building on our unprecedented NHL rights deal late in 2013. We made these long-term strategic investments while maintaining our balance sheet at investment grade.”

Source: CNW