Viber for iPhone gets a long-awaited design overhaul

Viber, a popular messaging and VoIP service available across nearly every computing platform, has seen its iOS app updated with a brand new look and feel.

Version 4.2 introduces a flat, iOS 7-friendly design that comes months after competitors WhatsApp, Kik, BBM and others did the same. Still, for Viber’s 100 million users, many of which are on iOS, this will be a big benefit.

Viber has a Canadian connection: it was purchased by Rakuten, the owners of Toronto-based Kobo, in February for $900 million. Rakuten is trying to integrate Viber’s messaging and social features into its broader library of software, but right now is mainly focused on offering the the best customer experience possible.

Other features include the ability to send multiple photos and videos to a contact at the same time; a new block list to repel any phone number or contact; the ability to send longer video messages; and lots of bug fixes.

Do you use Viber? If so, why over another service?

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