Google Play Premium Game Sale has top Android titles at 50% off

Shadowrun Returns

Google is doing some spring cleaning in its Play Store, offering no less than 20 of the top selling Android games for up to 50% their regular listing price. The Premium Games Sale contains a wide variety of titles, from casual games like Clash of Puppets to more serious gamer fare like Broken Sword or Shadowrun Returns (shown above).

The offer is only for a limited time, so dally at your own risk. The full lineup of 20 games are available at the source link below, but here is a full list of titles:

Pricipia ($1.16)
The Room Two ($1.49)
Contre Jour ($0.99)
Anomaly 2 ($5.59)
AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! ($1.09)
Clash of Puppets ($1.09)
The Dark Knight Rises ($0.99)
Shadowrun Returns ($4.40)
Draw Race 2 ($0.99)
Sprinkle Islands ($1.09)
TowerMadness 2 ($1.09)
Riptide GP2 ($1.99)
Need for Speed Most Wanted ($0.99)
10000000 ($0.99)
Ticket to Ride ($2.19)
Bag It! ($1.09)
Out There ($2.99)
Broken Sword : Director’s Cut ($0.99)
NBA 2K14 ($3.28)

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