Microsoft’s first Nokia ad shows how they are ‘Not Like Everybody Else’

If the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia’s handset business wasn’t real enough then this commercial will certainly send the message home. This ad shows boring and colourless place in the world, presumably taking aim at all the mobile manufacturers with basic black and white smartphones and tablets. A flash of colour comes to life when a man takes out his Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia 1020 and plays a song by The Kinks and sports the tagline of ‘Not Like Everybody Else.’ People start staring in shock and awe.

Microsoft claims that this ad signifies the two companies coming together to make a bigger impact on the mobile landscape. “Today, everything just became a lot more colorful.”

This isn’t the first time Nokia created an ad with this kind of message. When Nokia came out with the Lumia 920 they encouraged everyone to switch to a more colourful device, especially away from an iPhone.

Source: YouTube
Via: TheVerge