Over the weekend: Mailbox gets notification actions, Comixology gets greedy, Twitter gets experimental

The weekend comes and goes in a flash, so here are a few stories you may have missed:

  • Mailbox, the newly-released-on-Android email app with Auto-list and other nifty features, received a nice little update that adds action buttons in the notification area. It also feels a lot faster than it did before. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Comixology, Amazon’s newly-purchased digital comic book and graphic novel portal, just removed in-app purchases from its iOS app. Users will now be forced to pay for content via the web and download it onto the app in a two-step process that is surely going to really, really annoy its millions of users.
  • Twitter is testing a “Significant Engagement” notification option in its iOS and Android apps, so when your hilarious tweet gets a bunch of Favourites, you’ll be the first to know about it.