Amazon launches a Wearable Technology portal

Amazon has launched a new portal for Wearable Technology in the United States, consolidating a number of products in several categories such as fitness, healthcare, cameras, smartwatches and more.

The company already sold many of these products separately, but saw growing consumer interest in the wearable category in general. There’s an Editor’s Corner section, too, taking editorial content from Gizmodo to help consumers understand the nuances of the various trackers, sensors, bracelets and other wearables.

Popular products like Samsung’s Gear smart watches and Fitbit’s Flex bracelets are represented, but there are also more obscure products like Narrative’s lifelogging clip, which we reviewed earlier this year.

While some of the products are limited to the United States, most of them can be shipped to Canada through Amazon.com, and others are available through Amazon.ca despite there being no landing page.