HTC ‘One mini 2’ could be the name of the entry-level M8

HTC’s next smartphone could be the rumoured “M8 Ace.” This is expected to resemble the flagship HTC One M8, but lack the trademark aluminum unibody and opt for a plastic casing. If true, the specs of the Ace will sport a 5.1-inch display with a 2.5GHz quad-core processor and tag along a price tag of about $500.

Rounding out the HTC leaks and the trend of previous years is a “mini” version of its flagship. Reputable device leaker @evleaks is calling this the “HTC One mini 2.” Certainly a mouthful of a product name… think about that on stores shelves: “Virgin Mobile HTC One mini 2 now available.” Time will tell if this is the go-to-market name or not, but probably is.

The specs are missing from the report, however, when HTC does launch a more affordable entry or mid-range device it’ll most likely have a smaller display, weaker processor and polycarbonate sides like the original HTC One mini from last year. No indication of carrier partners.

Source: @evleaks