Love LeBron? There’s a Samsung app for that

LeBron James is paid to say nice things about Samsung. And in return, Samsung gets to use the NBA all-star’s many personas in their marketing materials.

The company has just released a Samsung-exclusive app called LeBron that follows his life, his games, his style and his, um, food.

Compatible with the Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 3 and Note II, the app is well-designed and even offers a live wallpaper for those who never want to look away from LeBron’s intense face.

There are exclusive featurettes and highlights from his best games, along with stats and interviews, too. It’s not a huge app, but LeBron (the app, not the person…well, maybe the person, too) seems to be well-designed and high-performance.

Interested? Check it out on the Google Play Store.