Pebble significantly improves Android app stability and performance

When Pebble updated its iOS and Android apps to coincide with firmware release 2.0, it was immediately apparent that the iOS, despite looking the same, was far more polished than its Android counterpart.

It’s taken a few updates, but the Android version now feels almost as smooth, and connection times almost as fast, as on the iPhone. Version 2.0.15 explicitly improves app stability, but what we noticed immediately was the speed at which the Pebble connects to a paired device. Previously, a paired phone would take up to a minute to reconnect with the smartwatch, and that number is a quarter of what it used to be.

Pebble also says that high-load apps, like those for sports and fitness, interact over Bluetooth more consistently. Other changes include the ability to connect to a Pebble when the device has no internet connection, and in-app notifications for firmware updates.

If you have been waiting for Pebble to improve its Android app before jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon, now would be a good time to make the investment.

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