Recon Jet wearable sports HUD delayed until September, gets a price increase for retail

Those waiting impatiently for Recon Instruments‘ sports-focused eyewear, Jet, will have to wait a little bit longer.

The company announced today that it has delayed the delivery time to September 25 from “late spring,” and has increased the retail price from $599 to $699 USD, though the change will not affect those who already pre-ordered the eyewear.

Why the change? Supplier changes and improvements to the overall component quality lead to a decision to delay to ensure the finished product ends up far more robust than it would have been initially. “We found a way to make the module-to-lens attachment mechanism more robust, improve the durability of the plastics and sealing elements, and achieve considerably better GPS antenna performance. Each of these improvements have been completed and each will have a big impact on overall Jet performance,” said Dan Eisenhardt, Recon’s President and CEO.

The higher retail cost marks the end of the promotional period for the Recon Jet, and as the team works to get it out of the door, Eisenhardt promises more regular updates via the company blog. Each pre-orderer will also receive a spare clear lens, a $60-90 bonus.

We had a chance to play with a Recon Jet prototype at CES this year, and was very impressed with the build quality and company vision. Aimed at high-intensity sports like snowboarding, the Recon Jet is both a heads-up display for performance metrics like speed, distance, elevation, but a conduit for third-party sensors like heart rate monitors and more.