Vine relaunches its website as a YouTube for 6-second videos

Vine, the Twitter-owned video app that charts life’s incredible moments in six second portions, has relaunched its website to better showcase the array of talent from its many filmmakers.

The new site looks like an extension of its iOS and Android apps, with auto-playing videos that begin with a cursor overlay. Playlists are featured, so users can watch a number of clips in sequence for a “lean back” experience similar to YouTube’s. The difference here, of course, is that six seconds isn’t exactly a long time, and Vine wants to keep people clicking and watching for as long as possible.

At the top of the page, Vine’s iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps are prominently advertised, too, providing easy access to the core of the service.

Features Viners are showcased nicely, as well as various categories, so you can watch cat videos until your eyes start to droop.