Microsoft promises to bring a file browser to Windows Phone 8.1

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) this week, Windows Phone lead Joe Belfiore promised, and even displayed, an upcoming file manager for the platform.

Coming to Windows Phone 8 by the end of May as a downloadable app, Belfiore said that it was one of the many features users have been clambering for since the introduction of the mobile OS in 2010. While the company hides many of the low-level features of the operating system to consumers, the underlying core is similar to the desktop-class Windows 8, and the capacity to transfer, copy and rename files exposed to the internal or external storage.filemanagerwindowsphone-2

Belfiore also offered up explanations for the poor pace of app development, too, and apologized for the lack of big name apps that, until recently, were not available on the platform. He said that an official Snapchat app is on its way, and Facebook will be offering a significant update this June.

He clearly loves his job, even the parts that entail him justifying Microsoft’s third-place position in the app ecosystem. Whether 2014 will be a turn-around year for the platform, with Nokia finally under the Microsoft umbrella, remains to be seen.